At the Forefront of Innovation:
MSU Libraries 2007-2016

Michigan State University Libraries have grown and changed in dramatic ways in the past decade. Whether it is through acquiring exciting new material such as the Rovi Media Collection, hiring many new librarians with expertise in emerging fields, or advancing areas such as digital scholarship, linked data, or accessibility, MSU Libraries are on the forefront of innovation. This report looks back on this decade of changes. To really see how far we have come, first read the previous ten-year report MSU Libraries: Horizons of Change - MSU Libraries 1997-2007  (pdf) . This ten-year report is not comprehensive; what follows is a selective recounting of a decade of highlights. This marks Cliff Haka’s twentieth year as the Director of MSU Libraries. Cliff has recently announced his intention to retire within a year. In this video, Cliff reflects on the past decade.

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